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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  February 3, 2013 11:10pm-11:30pm EST

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i tell you, they did an incredible job tonight. we are so proud. every play was exciting. >> for it to come down to pretty much the last play, four seconds to go, who would have thought that you would have had to take all of that reserve to time and punt the ball properly. dealing with a runner for the close of the game. a great career clothes for ray lewis. >> a great game, an incredible coach, and the emotions on the sidelines with ray lewis -- the ravens stayed focused and won the world championship. we were just marvel by it. one of the best super bowls of all time. >> when you get to washington,
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will you let your colleagues know we are the world champions? >> absolutely. we are looking forward to senators feinstein and boxer lifting us up on their shoulders. >> and does know, we would like to see that as well. thank you for joining us. -- let us know, thank you for joining us. >> that game was insane. >> my photographer and i just left the superdome, talking to some ravens fans making their way out of the studio -- stadium. it was a sea of red leaving the superdome, these forty-niner fans thought that they had it in the bag with that power outage changing the momentum of the game and there was evidence
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of that with the ravens having a hard time scoring. but right after beyonce performed, we decided we would make our way down to the media center from the first concourse. as we made our way down we heard a large boom and the power went out on the stadium. you guys saw it on television and it was an eerie situation for a while. we made our way down into the media center and there was a lot of chaotic activity going on. a lot of security officers going from person to person, figuring out what was going on. in the end it was a good situation. i know we have some sound right now from joe flacko about winning the game. he is live.
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>> 15 touchdowns, zero interceptions? >> i do not know, man. there were a lot of picks in general. we played 20 games this year and i threw 10 of them. it just happened that way. the team came together and we got healthy. >> [inaudible] >> awesome, man. he relied on them big time. he did not throw the ball to much. catching the football, that was a beast. >> i am not going to complain that i got it. >> [inaudible] >> it is cool, man.
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that is the last thing i am concerned about. he did let me know that if the day came i could be on his best -- on his desk, so that is what i am going to do. [laughter] >> [inaudible] >> that is what the game called for. sometimes we did a good job covering people, i sometimes there was a pass rush. some of the things just work out that way. there were a couple of tight rose early on that kept things going. this game is crazy, it always comes down to the two-minute drive is. it is how we get it done in the first half. these guys came up short. >> [inaudible]
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>> i have never cared. i do not ever want to feel like i am in a position to defend myself, it is not right. we will have these things forever. everyone on that team will be connected to each other forever, which is something pretty special. >> [inaudible] >> no, our team is great. you saw us, we were just hanging out, getting ready for the game to start. when the lights went out, i do not know what it looked like on tv, but the biggest issue was with the headsets. there was some discussion about what we would have to do if they did not come back on. it was just one of those things that happened and you have to deal with it. >> [inaudible] >> [inaudible]
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emblematic of the way the your team played. [inaudible] >> i think it is fitting that we won that way. we are a tough, blue-collar city and that is the way our games tend to come down. 28-6, i am sure that a lot of people were nervous, and we thought it might be easy. suddenly they got back into it and played great football and we just had to grind one out. >> [inaudible] >> yes, you know, i was sitting on the bench thinking that they were having it going right now. i figured that we would tie it or when it to make it a three- point game. that is what i was getting in my mind set to do, going down there and putting in for a touchdown.
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>> [inaudible] tight games, having the ball [inaudible] tight situations these last couple of years? >> it is what informs the team. you can put through those situations so that when they come up, we do not know if we will be successful, but the bottom line is at the moment we are not too big and we are comfortable. we have failed before. we have succeeded before. we are now worried about the outcome. we believe that if we play football and execute to our ability, it will work itself out. >> you have been listening to superbowl and bp quarterback joe -- superbowl mvp quarterback
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joe flacco. going inside, then outside, mindy is standing by with ravens fans. >> take a look over here, first. you are watching fans streaming out of the superdome. for a long time it was sad for the niners fans. how are you all feeling right now? go ravens. >> what a game. were you on the edge of your seats? >> i was hanging on to my seats and the booing the forty-niners fans. >> how did it feel when the power went out? did it freak you out? >> i was confused.
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>> were you just struggling? frustrated? >> bill bella check was in the house. i swear. >> we did not give up, in true ravens style. >> the light was on on our side of the stadium. >> was this the experience of a lifetime for you? >> absolutely. >> the best game you'll ever see. >> joe flacco, how did you feel about him getting mvp? >> he is the man. >> what are you doing right now? >> driving back to alabama, then back to boston. >> thank you for joining us. john? >> jim harbaugh, the way that
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they played they proved it. they showed it today the with a bounced back at the end. that is who he is, that is who they are, and i could not be more proud of him and what they have done there. my family, mom and dad, thank you, thank you. ingrid, allison, tom, joni, your family, that he for being here. it is a glorious, glorious day. god is gracious, good, and in control. >> [inaudible] >> the final series of the ray lewis career was the goal line stand to win the lombardi trophy and on the podium he said -- how could it be any other way? we said to our team many times, it was the same, it was not perfect or pretty, but it was us and that is who we are.
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joe was phenomenal, you know? third and 6 inches, he has three play options and decides to take one. then he makes the play? it shows you that he has guts, the guts of a burglar and he was doing it all might. >> what about all the hard work that was put in? >> it feels good. it feels really good. i would like to be more profound than that, but i do not have the words. it feels like all of the guys who worked so hard through the trials and tribulations, it feels like they got what they deserved. the meeting with jim in the meet -- in the middle was probably the most difficult thing i have ever been associated with in my life. i am proud of him. >> [inaudible]
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>> thoughts on their -- on their offer -- on their offense, it is incredible. there are so many problems that they pose, trying to find a defense of call is very difficult. i thought the key players did a tremendous job playing with discipline. you make one mistake and you do not cover it exactly right, they make a big play. this team will be around for years to come. >> [inaudible] >> we are a very resilient team. that is why we won the game. >> [inaudible] >> i think that all of that stuff is overrated. ray, obviously we love rey and there is no way that we would want ray to not go out like this, but it is not just ray, it
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is a team accomplishment. like ray is saying right now, it is a team accomplishment. hey, where is everybody going? [laughter] go ahead. i told them, there is an old motown song, no mountain high enough, no river wide enough to keep us from winning the championship. that is exactly what i said. great song, too. as i said before, not even coat -- not even close because i know who the other coach is and i know how those guys reflect his personality. they handle that better than we did. -- handled that better than we did. the momentum turned. >> [inaudible] >> i do not know if i have words
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for it. it speaks to our resolve, the termination, mental toughness, trust in one another. that is what wins and loses games, they turn on situations like that. we have 1546 in a row like that lately. it has been incredible. i thought that we had 13 minutes left in the third quarter. i knew who was playing. the team across the sidelines, that was going to be a tough game, right through to the end. when we called him up in the huddle, right before we got out there. you know, i made too big of a deal about that. it had to do with telephones and communication and whether we had to take it away. i was trying to make a case and they said it was a moot point. so it was much ado about
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nothing. jacoby has been a blessing to this team. we were so grateful to have them. right here in new orleans, he made the interception. plenty of guys do not do that in their home town. those were phenomenal plays. the other play, he made the catch down low at the corner of the end zone. it was a -- >> [inaudible] >> it was a great joy, but also one of the most difficult things in the world. he is a great competitor. anyone out there with a brother can understand what that is about. i just believe in him and have
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so much respect for him, admire him and look up to him in so many ways. >> [inaudible] gumbo -- >> gumbo, chicken, all kinds of stuff when we got here on monday night. got to go, thank you very much. >> thank you so much, we will be going back down to the orleans. jennifer is with the mayor. enjoy the game? >> there is a steady flow of ravens fans coming out, one of the biggest is right here [cheering] [indiscernible] >> all right, let's take a look at this.
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and >> just a second, justice second. did you predict it this morning? >> i did. [yelling] >> super bowl champions? >> this is the ray lewis retirement party. [yelling] >> listen to it, right here, let's talk about the parade. a 11:00 a.m. on tuesday, city hall, we have the stadium. every ravens fan needs to come
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out. [yelling] [indiscernible] >> thank you for talking to us. >> the ravens won the super bowl. >> it was sunday in new orleans. >> the ravens are right here. thank you so much. you have got that right. [yelling] >> ray lewis, congratulations on 17 years in the league.
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you know what? 17 years is good. i thank god that he is a good man. >> it is not easy to make that happen. >> the players work together. we have been working hard to accomplish that. i think it was the city of new orleans coming together with the fans and everywhere that had them. >> the fans are here. [yelling] [yelling]


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